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Is this the true Vikings?

Icon design aimed to teach children the unknown facts about the Vikings.


This is an individual project.


3 Days


To create icon designs for any topic that you are interested in.


What do we know & what do we not know about the Vikings?

true vikings-02.png


How do we tell the real Viking stories?

true vikings-03.png
true vikings-03.png
  • Vikings did not have horns

Horns were pictured by people later to make Vikings look more barbarian.

icon design-Vikings-13.png
  • Physical strength is the most important thing

icon design-Vikings-14.png
  • They killed for fortune

They killed monks to get fortune, not for religious reasons.

icon design-Vikings-15.png
  • Ships with same front and back

This eliminated the process of U turning.

icon design-Vikings-16.png
  • They had good hygiene

Vikings had good personal hygiene and were well-groomed.

icon design-Vikings-18.png
  • Female power

Viking women had the right to inherit property and request a divorce.

icon design-Vikings-17.png

Final Package

Icons for children's book on Viking culture

true vikings-05.png
true vikings-07.png
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