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Raise the Bar

is an affordable and accessible personal fitness trainer system for female weight lifters in gyms.


UX/UI designer

Product designer

Design strategist


Alex McPHERSON (Business strategy),

Rachel QIAN (Design),

Lily CHEN (Fitness strategy),

Gavin EVANS (Business strategy),

JAN van STRAATEN (Business strategy),

Justin MILLER(Business strategy)


3 days + 4 weeks


This is a project done with other 5 MBA students, establishing a start-up concept for the fitness market.

Women weight lifting in gym


As a company focusing on female weight-lifting, our vision is to make our users able to be their best self in the gyms.



Lily is a 25-year-old gym goer.

She works for an advertisement company.


She is very ambitious about making herself stronger and more fit, but is often confused about what exactly to do in the gym.

Evolution of female user's goal in gym


Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.38.50


Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.41.31


Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.42.44


Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.44.54
Asset 4.png

-The start of gym for women

-More as a social activity

"S" shape body was desired by the society because women were more appreciated for their ability of bearing children.

Asset 5.png

-Aerobics was popular

-Spandex came into play

With the rise of aerobics-style activities, women started to pursue tall bodies and long legs.

Asset 6.png

With street culture, women, for the first time, can express their personality and individuality with their gym outfits.

As Britney Spears became popular, women started to abs and muscled bodies.

2020s ?

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 1.02.16 PM.png

As women become more appreciated

for their power and personalty,

the purpose of future gym wear will be  


self-expression and


User Research

-What needs to be changed?

User Journey

-Lily's gym routine

A detailed journey map of Lily's experience in the  gym helps my team find real & unexpected insights. Mapping out emotion during the workout routine also helps identity areas with big opportunity to improve and things that we need to keep in our solutions.

journey map_process.png
journey map_emotion.png








Pain points

Experience in changing room can be awkward for females who do not feel comfortable exposing body in front of strangers.

Females tend to be less experienced in weight-lifting. Therefore, they often feel stressed in weight-lifting area because they don't want to look confused and amateur while they actually do not know how to start.

Female gym-goers rely heavily on fitness Youtubers & preset programs to decide how heavy/ how much workout to do. (Often leads to loss of confidence o unsatisfaction)

People are largely encouraged by seeing their progress. But currently female gym-goers can not see their progress every time they go or in short-term. 

Design opportunities

design opportunity icons-05.png

Make it easier and more comfortable to get changed in gyms.

design opportunity icons-07.png

Personalize &

pre-design weight lifting plans, especially for beginners.

design opportunity icons-06.png

Provide a way of tracking muscle-building process to keep users motivated & confident.

design opportunity icons-08.png

Provide encouragement to increase customer retention.

"Raise the Bar" System


RtB platform

Information Architecture

IA for RTB@2x.png

Connect with RTB wearables

Wireframes & user testing

Low fidelity

Roughly mock up the concept to get user's feedback on the overall idea.

Untitled_Artwork 15.png
Untitled_Artwork 16.png
  • "I hate it when registering process goes on forever.", "I want to know in advance how many questions I need to answer."

  • It would be better if "my dashboard" is customizable according to different needs.

  • Some short cut buttons or one-click buttons should be added to make the process more efficient.

  • Avoid putting too much information on one screen


Mid fidelity

To get feedback on features, flows and interactions involved in the RtB platform.

Mid fidelity aireframes with feedbacks-0
high-fi feature screens-01.png
high-fi feature screens-02.png

Expanding to RtB tracking wearables


  • Enable users to see progress.

  • Suitable to wear outside of gym as well.

  • Tracking embedded to be linked to the RtB app. 

wearable sketch-28.png

Prototyping Process


RtB launch plan

01 Test and learn

  • Launch leaderboard and track customer behavior in school/community gym

  • Test with digital MVP to gather data from bigger consumer group

02 Track, compare and personalize

  • Launch IOS and android app

  • Target close-to-home cities

  • Acquire customers through targeted marketing efforts

  • 30-50 micro influencer

  • Local gym chains promotion

03 Establish seamless experience

  • Launch wearable tracking 

  • Broaden target group to :

    • ​Other cities​​

    • Casual gym goers

04 Empower customers further

  • Become the platform for IOT gyms

Spring 2020

Spring 2021

Spring 2022

Long run

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