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Le Venin

Absinthe packaging and experience design tailored for the Old Absinthe House in New Orleans.


This is an individual project.


4 week


Develop a packaging design for a kind of beverage.


History of absinthe

Process book_ LeVenin-02.png

Target consumers

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Frequent locations

absinthe bars, absinthe houses

absinthe bars, absinthe houses


People who love absinthe's flavor and culture. These people have appreciation for this particular spirit. They have some knowledge about absinthe's history and culture.


Process book_ LeVenin-03.png

The original Old Absinthe House bar was to be destroyed at the start of Prohibition. Fortunately, the bar was moved under cover of darkness to a warehouse on Bourbon Street in order to preserve it. The Old Absinthe House has played host to writers- including Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman and Mark Twain.

Process book_ LeVenin-03.png
Process book_ LeVenin-05.png


Process book_ LeVenin-06.png

Design process

Logo development

logo development-01.png
logo development-02.png
logo development-03.png

Brand name tests

Explore different fonts with different brand names

Le Venin

Decide on the name "Le Venin" and explore different hand-drawn logos


Add more details and ornaments to logos to better express the New Orleans theme

logo development-04.png

Final logo design

Le Venin

  • Vintage style logotype with roughen finish

  • Decorations inspired by New Orleans's architecture

  • Centered letters to better fit on the bottle labels

Label development

label design process-01.png
label design process-03.png
label design process-02.png
label design process-04.png

Proposal A

Proposal B

  • Vintage paper finish with engraving style illustration

  • 2-section label to make information more clear for consumers

  • Black background to convey the mysterious feeling of absinthe anf New Orleans

label design process-05.png

Proposal C

  • A more mysterious vintage touch

  • Ornaments inspired by New Orleans architecture

  • Back side of the label features a short story about absinthe

Custom-painted bottle

bottle test2.png
bottle test.png

Paper texture test

paper test01.png
paper test02.png

Final design

label design process.png

Label design

Experience with absinthe


Please contact for more about the design process :)

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