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Rachel Qian: Strategy, Prototyping, Experience design, Video assets

Yena Song: Exterior Design, Modeling 

Gabriela Sudirja: Interface Design

From consumer's perspective:

What do our grandparents really want in their lives?       -Grandchildren can be one answer.

In the past:

They would want to spend their time with their grandchildren, but because of their limited mobility, they have to wait idly for their grandchildren to initiate contact.

In the future created by Hyundai:

The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.

How can Hyundai boost customer royalty?       

From Hyundair's perspective:

flow chart-03.png

Grandkids buy Hyundai in the future

Grandparents buy Hyundai

Grandkids associate fun with Hyundai

Hyundai becomes childhood memory

Majority of current vehicles:

web assets-04.png

Hyundai's new vehicle:

web assets-06.png

What if Hyundai becomes part of the family?

hyundai as connection-07.png

1. What experience can we design to bridge two generation?


Testing the experience with 1:1 scale prototypes

In order to test if our solutions works with our users, we built 1:1 scale prototypes to test different activities with different configuration inside the vehicle.

Process book2.001.jpeg
Process book.001.jpeg

2. How can we make the experience more accessible for grandparents?

door open.png

Higher door - get in without bending


Addressing practical concerns

Multi-functional arm rest

arm rest.jpg

Comfortable seats




1. Friendly appearance

As a family-oriented var, aeon has friendly appearance, which makes it easier for both grandparents and grandchildren to relate with.

2. Easy access

By having a door that opens upward, grandparents no longer need to bend in order to get in the car.

3. Interactive playground

Grandchildren can build their own playground inside the car while grandparents can sit on the sofa enjoying their time with their grandchildren.

4. Intuitive navigation system

Navigation system can be controlled on the armrest. Head-up display makes larger imagery and texts for grandparents possible.


-Hyundai becomes family

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