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I am Rachel Qian.

Design with users and business in mind.

Slickdeals Deal Alert Matches

Work at Slickdeals

Created a unique experience to receive and stay on top of interesting deals with Slickdeals.

UX Research | UX Design | UI Design

Deal Alert Matches cover.png
Profile Page Redesign cover.png

Slickdeals Profile Page Redesign

Work at Slickdeals

Redesigned the Slickdeals profile page, a page that core users use to access key community activities and statistics.

UX Design | UI Design


- A new fashion return experience

New Venture Concept

Together with a team, designed a convenient, innovative solution that helps transform costly returns for sustainability-aware apparel brands into valuable sales opportunities.

Product Strategy | UX Research | UX Design


FinvsFIin Website Design

Website Design at FinvsFin | Internship in 2020

Redesigned the main website experience for FinvsFin including the homepage, category pages, the About Us page, and email sign-up modals.

UX Design | UI Design | Design System | Wordpress

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