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Hi, I'm Rachel (Jiaqi) Qian.

Join me on this journey of transforming ideas into tangible solutions that make an impact.

Profile Page Redesign cover.png

Slickdeals Profile Page Redesign

Work at Slickdeals

Redesigned the Slickdeals profile page, a page that core users use to access key community activities and statistics.

UX Design | UI Design

Slickdeals Deal Alert Matches

Work at Slickdeals

Created a unique experience to receive and stay on top of interesting deals with Slickdeals.

UX Research | UX Design | UI Design

Deal Alert Matches cover.png


- A new fashion return experience

New Venture Concept

Together with a team, designed a convenient, innovative solution that helps transform costly returns for sustainability-aware apparel brands into valuable sales opportunities.

Product Strategy | UX Research | UX Design

Terra Dotta Redesign

Product Design Concept

Redesigned a program application experience for Terra Dotta, a higher education software.

UX Research | UX Design | Design System

cover-31 1.png

Raise the Bar - Reimagining Fitness

Product Design Concept

Designed an affordable fitness training platform for female weights training beginners.

UX Design | UI Design

FinvsFIin Website Design

Website Design at FinvsFin | Internship in 2020

Redesigned the main website experience for FinvsFin including the homepage, category pages, the About Us page, and email sign-up modals.

UX Design | UI Design | Design System | Wordpress

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